Sarah''s Vision

Sarah''s Vision

Baloise Group
A story driven, co-operative game of strategy and resource management

Europe 2163AD. Automated transport systems, flying cars, unlimited energy, seamless information flow… The growth of technology continues to disrupt, amaze and influence society. The human race is fast approaching a huge catalytic technological disruption that will democratize knowledge and systems, potentially enabling people to live truly fulfilled lives. This is a point beyond which we cannot imagine how human civilisation might actually look like because it is a moment of “Singularity”. But one group oppose this. An elite few, who want to see a return to the dark ages of the early 2000s, where they held all the power. Only The Agency stands in their way. You take on the role of Agency operatives, dedicated to keeping people safe in the future and enabling them to live their lives freely, surrounded by a sense of ease in this complex, constantly changing new world. The key lies in a few High Potential Individuals (HPIs). They have the ability to create a new technology called the MindNet that will move the world closer to “Singularity”… but this also makes them targets. The Agency is responsible for ensuring the best possible outcome for society of the future by keeping these citizens safe. Sarah’s Vision is a story driven, co-operative game of strategy and resource management set in a world beyond imagination where powerful forces seek to undermine society and return us to the dark days of the early 21st century. Players take on the role of Agency operatives and have to work through a series of story driven Events. At the end of every round, the leading Event will trigger and danger will build up on three special citizens, unless the players can find a way to keep them safe. Players will have to choose wisely which Agency HQ Tower resources to use and when to use them if they are to succeed.